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Why Pork Sisig is our High School and College Barkada's Favorite Pulutan?

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

THROWBACK! Going back to those fun and wild memories, you must not miss those epic high school trips and college days hangouts! As they always say, High school or College days are the ones worth remembering! So what is your epic throwback story? Let's start reminiscing the old good days!

Of course! One of the best solid experience is going out with your friends, enjoying a good conversation over beers, and sometimes exceeding our alcohol limits to the point of ridiculous fun trips memories! But we cannot miss out our Barkada's All time favorite Pulutan: Pork Sisig!

In the world of Filipino cuisine, there is one dish that stands out as the ultimate pulutan. Pork Sisig never fails to top the list of our go-to pulutan. The sizzling aroma and the medley of ingredients make it an irresistible choice.

JTs Pork Sisig: The Perfect Pulutan!

Imagine the waiter serving you that sizzling and oozing sizzling plate of pork sisig. Serve with a big sized fresh and juicy calamansi alongside a hot chili pepper, this is our barkada's definition of a perfect Pork Sisig Pulutan. JT's Pork Sisig is a flavor bomb that will clear away the bitter aftertaste of alcohol. You can experience that at JT's Manukan Grill! Well, I can't help now but remember the good old days with my high school and college barkadas.

But Pork Sisig is not only best paired with ice cold beers and drinks! Still remember to eat it first before drinking? Well JTs Pork Sisig is also best paired with rice and even topped with egg. And dont even bother to ask about the after session meal, pork sisig still got your back!

It is really fun to go back the memory lane and reminisce the good old days! But there is one thing that you need not to only look back because you can enjoy JTs Manukan Grille's Pork Sisig partnered with beer or rice now! Bring back the good old days over beers and our all-time favorite pulutan, Pork Sisig!

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