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Spicy Chicken Paa and Apan-Apan

Updated: Apr 8

“A Twist of Homey Flavors that Nourishes well!”

For some, these food names are quite familiar: Spicy Chicken and Adobong Kangkong. However, the spicy chicken is usually fried and the part is the wing. The kangkong on the other hand has the all too familiar soy sauce-vinegar salty-sour flavor.

Excite your taste buds in 2024 with JT Manukan Grille’s Spicy Paa and Apan-Apan! Imagine letting your tongue travel to Bicol and Bacolod at the same time! Talk about hot and affectionate! Definitely you won’t get this experience at the food outlets at the mall!

It's the commitment to authentic flavors and natural ingredients!

Unlike the chicken dishes commonly served in the fastfood restos, JT’s Spicy Chicken Paa simply awakens your taste buds, reminding you of home cooked food that was not hurriedly prepared and lovingly marinated to spicen up your dining experience! Know what? This grilled chicken leg dish provides ~17 grams of protein per serving. That’s equivalent to the protein you get from consuming 3 large eggs¹, minus the cholesterol. Plus, the chilies and spices that flavor it provides additional anti-oxidants that strengthen your immune system. Talk about getting hot and strong, peeps!

On the flip side of the culinary coin, to balance all the protein being consumed and adhere to the ‘glow’ portion of a balanced meal, Apan-apan is here to the rescue! This high-fiber, nutrient-loaded vegetable dish uses the Water Spinach (a.k.a. Kangkong) as its base ingredient. According to the National Nutrition Council, “The nutrients in kangkong is [sic] almost equal to milk, banana and orange. It can reduce blood pressure, gives immunity to cancer, improve vision, boost immunity, and treat skin diseases…Since it grows and thrives in a semiaquatic environment, it also provides a lot of electrolytes… Another notable health benefit of kangkong is for the prevention of constipation because it is highly fibrous”². But what makes this dish stand out culinarily is how guinamos (Ilonggo shrimp paste) complements and elevates this lowly veggie.

The authenticity and excellence that these Filipino dishes bring to the table are undeniable. With the culinary twist that JT’s Manukan Grille gives these traditional dishes, the memory of the flavorful experience prompts a return to savor the experience once more. If you’re on the lookout for a culinary adventure that is highly nutritrious as well, let Spicy Chicken Paa and Apan-apan entice you and boost your energy!

Check out this website to know more about Spicy Paa and guide you on your journey to the JT’s Manukan Grille in your area:


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